About Woldia

Woldia is located at about 360 km from Bahir Dar and 520 km from Addis Ababa. It is situated in the picturesque Ethiopian highlands with an average elevation of about 1,900 m. The town is built on and between two symmetrical hills: Gabriel Hill On the northwest and Qaro Hill on the southeast. Much of the year it is hot during the day, but always with a refreshing breeze. At night it cools down and thus is provides an ideal temperate climate for visitors.

Woldia is an expanding municipality, experiencing both rapid population growth as well as the increase of its jurisdiction. Woldia has a significant but largely undeveloped tourist potential: its breathtaking mountain vistas, history, and many old Churches represent only some of these untapped resources.

Today, besides its potential attractions, Woldia already has a significant flow of tourist traffic because of its location on the main historic route of the country. This is to say that the town is located at a juncture that leads to Lalibella, Gondar and Bahir Dar on the one hand and Axum, Mikelle and Afar region on the other. Also, significant numbers of business traveler pass through the city every day on their way to or from Addis Ababa, Dessie, Semera, Mikelle, Djibouti, Gondar and Bahir Dar.

In the future, according to the Government of Ethiopia’s five year growth and transformation plan, Woldia will directly benefit by being a railway centre since the planned railway will cross the town in 4 directions.

Woldia is one of the fast growing cities in Ethiopia with federal and the regional government developing not only a university but also an international level stadium,  both of which already under construction.

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6 Responses to About Woldia

  1. habtamu zeleke says:

    betam des ylal endezihu tencren ensra ayzon enberta

  2. Hailu says:

    Wollo my Soul,
    I love you as my own.

    Love becomes everlasting,
    With Wollo inspirational visiting.

    I born and raised in Weldia,
    It becomes everybody Medina.

    Contact me: E-mail ha.de14@yahoo.com
    Phone # 1(647)838-9155

  3. Chapi says:

    I love woldia from the bottom of ma heart11111

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